About Us

At Wetlander, we understand the need to get out, get going, and keep moving - no matter what stands in the way.  We hunt, we fish, we boat, we float.  We think you should spend your time getting to unexplored areas and catching your legal limit, all while busting through mud, floating plants, submerged stumps and the skinniest of water.  You agree, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Wetlander is proudly manufactured 100% in the USA by the Wearlon division of Plastic Maritime.  When you order from this site, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer and nobody cares about our product, or our customers, more than we do.

We do only one thing - manufacture the highest quality industrial coatings with non-stick, low friction and drag reducing properties.  We currently supply Fortune 500 companies, governments, municipalities and the US Armed Forces with specialty coatings for very specific needs.  And hopefully, You.

We have been manufacturing these specialty coatings for over 15 years.  We own the technology and hold all the patents for the unique chemistry of Wearlon coatings. 

So, rest easy.  We have the technology, the team, and the service to help you achieve your goals.

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