Applying Wetlander to an aluminum drift boat

Posted by Scott Hogan on July 28, 2014 0 Comments

All pics and testimony courtesy of Bryan in PA.


Step by Step:
Remove old bottom with scraper (some heat needed on a few spots)

 Sand aluminum

 Tape and primer

 Top coat  (Let sit for 5 days A MUST)

Put it to the test, judge for yourself!

After first run with new bottom on the West Branch Delaware River. Water was at 716 cfs.  The boat tracked with ease due to the slick bottom. We did a 9 1/2 mile float and I purposely put it to the test running in some shallows.  After hearing some of the sounds going through the shallows I was a bit concerned on what I would find after the float. I was impressed with the outcome, the coating was only scuffed and no cracking anywhere on the finish!
Great product!  Feel free to use pics to illustrate for promoting the product!

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